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Deirdra Barr

Manchester, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  May 2011

My background as a Yoga Teacher, Business Manager and Fitness Consultant led me to train as a Yoga Sports Coach™. I’ve been teaching yoga for 4 years, practising for 15 and use my Yoga Sports Coaching skills regularly both with clients, friends and colleagues.



Since graduating I’ve worked with a number of runners including a few who have had to stop running because of overuse injury and after working with me have been able to resume their training. I also teach a group of martial artists on a regular basis and have started to work with some powerlifters. I am often referred to athletes through word of mouth (and results).



YSS Case Study Research:  in Endurance Running

Objectives: To determine if a Yoga Sports Science® (YSS) programme designed to improve strength and flexibility in the hip abductors and lower limb control can improve Iliotibial Band tightness in an endurance runner.

Athlete Profile: 34 year old endurance runner training for Marathon des Sables in early April 2011 presenting with some indications of IT band tightness and possible overuse injuries.

Conclusion: YSS techniques and approaches were delivered to the athlete once a week for 14 weeks. The athlete also incorporated a YSS designed programme into their own training sessions. By providing the athlete with a sport specific yoga programme with the main emphasis on improved strength and flexibility in hips, lower limb control and improved recovery the athlete was able to train for the event injury free. In addition he completed his first Marathon des Sables in place 332 out of over 800 and remains injury free. The athlete was extremely pleased with the intervention citing it helped enormously with running on uneven terrain and with mental focus and recovery.



In addition to my Yoga Sports Coach™ qualification, I have two other yoga teacher qualifications. I am also a ABN Hynotherapy Master and NLP for Sport Master Practioner. I am REPS L3 qualified in Nutrition, GP Exercise Referral and Obesity Management. I also regulalry teach Relaxation classes as part of a corporate stress management programme.

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