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Chris Marcks

Chris Marcks 

NE Wisconsin, USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  June 2022

Chris is a wellness advocate with a heart for service.  She began practicing yoga in 2009 and quickly fell in love.  Yearning for more opportunities to practice with others in her rural community, she began leading yoga classes for friends.  A year later (2017), she obtained a basic yoga instructor certification and began teaching at a local fitness club.  Recognizing yoga instruction as a calling, Chris pursued her first 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2019, where she most closely studied the Baron Baptiste style of Power Yoga. 


She completed her second 200-hour certification with The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® in 2022.  Aside from the hiatus she took to relocate her family and remodel their new home, she has had the pleasure of teaching yoga to all levels and all ages multiple times each week. 


Chris has also assumed a proactive role in educating others about the benefits of yoga, dispelling myths, and increasing accessibility through her contributions to workshops, facilitating and speaking at events, and leading online efforts to keep her local yoga community alive through the height of the COVID pandemic.

A huge fan of physical challenges, Chris is an enthusiastic participant of many athletic activities.  She grew up downhill skiing, switched to snowboarding in college, and has remained on a board ever since.  She played softball throughout grade school, then picked up rugby in college and played beyond university at the club level.  In addition to yoga, weightlifting has been her preferred method to stay fit for over 20 years. 


To celebrate turning 40, Chris competed in a bodybuilding competition as a Figure competitor because…why not?!  Charity runs, endurance races, and obstacle course challenges top off her list of physical fun.  Chris, her husband and their two boys enjoy family walks, traveling and all sorts of outdoor activities.  Hobbies include crafting, reading, golfing and community service.  

Being athletically driven, Chris was drawn to The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® for continuing education as she has seen for quite some time the opportunity to help athletes prevent injury and improve performance by incorporating yoga into their training.  Her rapid success in training and competing in a bodybuilding competition solidified her resolution. 


For her coursework, Chris worked with Taekwon-do athletes to help them improve their balance, with a focus on hip mobility and strength.  


Additional specialisms include:

  • Group and private yoga instruction

  • Sports-specific yoga sessions for teams

  • Yoga for kids & families


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