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Trainee Yoga Sports Coach™

Brian Appleyard

Peterborough, UK

Why I joined The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®:

I love yoga. It has made such profound differences to my life in terms of fitness, flexibility, confidence, ability to relax, self discipline and so much more. I love to pass these benefits on to other people. The YSS gives me an enhanced professional understanding of teaching methods, biomechanics and anatomy. It also widens the range of people who can benefit from my teaching. What athlete cannot benefit from a training method which will increase his speed, mental agility, flexibility and decrease his chances of sports related injury.


Once I Qualify as a Yoga Sports Coach™:


I would like to work with YSS to promote Yoga in sports. As my experience in this field grows I would like to help new YSS students in their endevours to qualify as YSS trainers. I intended to gain that experience by offering my services to sports clubs and organizations in the local area. Where appropriate I would offer training at a reduced rate or for charitable purposes.


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