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Bonnie Strati

Greenwich, C.T, USA

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  May 2011

Bonnie Strati is an elite personal trainer who uses a holistic approach to help athletes achieve their maximum potential. A certified Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™, Bonnie combines her love of sports and yoga to help athletes gain knowledge of the mind/body connection to improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, speed and recovery all while achieving mental clarity. 


In addition to training individuals and teaching classes, Bonnie is the Head of Yoga Sports Science® Graduate Community, providing a global community of certified coaches with continuing education and fostering collaboration within this talented network.


Bonnie has been a multi-sport athlete throughout her life. As a child she played soccer, gymnastics, baseball and softball. At High School she played varsity field hockey and lacrosse. At Ithaca College she earned her degree in Speech Communications and became a certified aerobics instructor. For six years Bonnie trained and competed as a natural bodybuilder, following a rigorous and disciplined program of diet, strength training and yoga to keep her body in top physical form. It was here that Bonnie began her journey to understanding the benefits of yoga for any athlete. In 2004, she began playing tennis (rated 2.5 by the USTA) and has since competed in four amateur USTA National Championship tournaments to date and coached a junior team that also competed at Nationals. She is currently rated a USTA 4.5 player and Captains a league team. 


Bonnie’s training with the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® gives her the opportunity to apply the science of yoga to sport.  Bonnie provides, education, tools, and training to help you perform at your best and reduce risk of injury. She brings a wealth of knowledge in sports yoga and mindfulness to attain and maintain peak performance with sports specific yoga techniques. 


Bonnie is dedicated to helping you recover from injury or get to the next level of performance, no matter where you are in your sport right now. 


YSS Case Study Research: Tennis



The Aim: To establish whether a Sport-Specific Yoga program could help a junior tennis player improve strength and flexibility as well as mental performance by raising confidence level during a tennis match.


Conclusion: A seven-week intervention showed improvement in athlete's strength, flexibility and respiratory endurance and an increase in confidence level was seen on the court.  Athlete improved mental performance in tournament play.  Athlete is aware that further YSS sessions would be beneficial as well as incorporating techniques into training program.




'I had a wonderful series of sessions with my coach, Bonnie.  She helped me with many things on and off the court.  She taught me interesting and useful breathing techniques, which I use in many different situations, including when I’m stressed or frustrated on the court.  Bonnie didn’t only help me with the physical part of the game; but she also taught me how to think positively on the court, and showed me different things I could say to myself in different situations'.

- Junior Tennis Player




Other Specialism to offer: 

  • RYT 200hr Yoga Instructor

  • Precision Nutrition® Level 2 Coach

YSS Faculty Member

Bonnie is Director of Operations as well as an Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ and Senior Faculty member of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science®


Bonnie shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise, from her experience within YSS and 20+ years in the fitness industry as well as being a competitive athlete.



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