Yoga and the Mental Benefits for Athletes

Athletes are continuing to discover the benefits of yoga beyond its ability to make them flexible. From pre-workout activation to post-workout stretching, it aids in improving balance and helps to strengthen and stabilize the body. Moreover, it lengthens the muscles after a grueling workout to support recovery. Given the plethora of benefits, many have been drawn to the practice to boost their athletic performance. However, the physical advantages of practicing yoga are only one part of the exercise, as it is also very instrumental in improving an athlete’s mental game. Today we'll be looking at the different mental benefits of yoga for athletes, and why you should start practicing straight away.

Curbs anxiety and mental fatigue

Competitive athletes usually perform in high-pressure environments. The anxiety to perform well is a constant fear for them, especially for professionals whose stakes involve money and reputation. Too much pressure could lead to mental fatigue or worse, burnout. The Institute of Yoga Sport Science® advocates sports-specific yoga in helping athletes deal with anxiety and stress. This follows the findings of numerous studies on the issue. Healthline looked at reports relating to anxiety and yoga, and found that people with anxiety disorders who practiced yoga regularly reported having significantly less attacks. Anxiety is an added burden for people whose bodies are constantly under strain, so finding constructive ways to deal with the pressure greatly improves their performance.

Improves mental training