A World With No Boundaries at The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®

My journey to yoga came through being an athlete and a personal trainer. As an athlete in my 20’s, I was introduced to yoga through my chiropractor/mentor at the time. His insight and knowledge was years ahead of his time and I completely trusted him as I ventured to sit in what, at the time, I considered ‘torture’.

I know many of you can relate to what I am talking about.

Yoga ~ sitting still within oneself

A scary thought, let alone to be a young athlete with a ton of energy who was being asked to slow down. Because of my trust, I set my mind to it and knew that, long term, it was going to benefit me in ways that I, at the time, had no clue about!

It was yoga that saved me on many occasions. It was yoga that set me on my spiritual journey. Not to live in an Ashram or to wear funky garments and not eat meat - not my style. But to go deep within myself and discover who the person was at the core of me. What made me tick? What made me laugh? What made me cry? What made me happy and what made me sad? The one thing I had no clue about was how my life was going to change the day I met Hayley Winter back in September 2011.