Breathing Results Explore Fitness for Presidency

Image: CNN. Breathing graphics added by YSS

Trump and Clinton’s breathing tells us a lot about how well they perform under pressure.

Based on over 20 years experience working with athletes and applying the science of yoga to improve athletic performance, I have observed with interest the breathing patterns of the candidates during the last 3 Presidential debates.

There are 2 types of performance systems in the body that are relevant to the debates. My observations are that both candidates have functioned from within these different performance systems.

Performance System 1: Relaxed, controlled breathing within the parasympathetic nervous system, optimizes performance under high intensity conditions.

The advantages are:

  1. Provides more oxygen to the brain = increasing the ability to think clearly

  2. Improves respiratory strength = increasing endurance and productivity

  3. Calming effect on the nervous system = improving mood and attitude