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Master Class

Master Class

On the last Saturday of each month Hayley Winter will be offering a Master Class to yoga teachers and students of yoga. The session is aimed at teachers and practitioners who recognize that in the highly competitive world of yoga teaching, the more a teacher understands how yoga works and can effectively communicate the benefits, the greater their teaching advantage will be.


The aim of these sessions is to share her 30 years experience of teaching yoga and work as a Yoga Sports Scientist, with yoga teachers and students of yoga who are serious about wanting to improve their teaching skills.

Advance Your Teaching Skills


The Master Classes will explore elements in the following areas:


The Biomechanics of Yoga:


Working with Hayley you will you be introduced to the biomechanics of yoga. You will learn:


  • how to distribute the body’s weight to improve the economy and efficiency of movement within a pose

  • how simple muscle activation techniques initiate an untapped force in the body 

  • how to combine neuroscience and motor learning to improve movement patterning within postures

  • how the science of proprioception works to develop greater awareness.


Learning the biomechanics of yoga takes both your practice and your teaching to another level.


The Science of Lesson Plan Design:

This is a common area that yoga teachers feel they need support with. There is both an art and a science to designing a structurally sound, innovative and memorable yoga session that has your yoga students coming back for more. Elements of how to improve in this area will be covered in the Master Classes.


Effective Communication:


Another common area that challenges yoga teachers and students of yoga is the actual delivery of the session. The ability to communicate your lesson plan effectively is the difference between being a good yoga teacher and a great one.  Elements of how develop effective cueing skills will be explored in the Master Classes.


If you want to:


  • deepen your working knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics,

  • understand the art and science of designing a memorable lesson plan

  • learn how to improve your communication and cueing skills then come and work with Hayley.


Yoga for Athletes


If you want to learn how to use yoga for athletes, then you can attend one of our workshops, or apply to join the YSS 100, YSS 200 or YSS 300 Hour Courses start in September 2016.


Continuing Education Courses

Click here to see our workshop schedule.



$75 per Master Class. If you would like to book for 3 Master Classes or more, then please let us know when you email to get on the list. 

Hayley is a yoga educator passionate about making the science of yoga accessible to all types of learners, in a highly enjoyable and memorable way. Meet Monty! He is one of the many visual teaching tools Hayley uses to bring the biomechanics of yoga to life. 

Student testimonial: taken after teaching

anatomy and biomechanics at Camyoga in the UK.

Monthly Master Classes Dates and Times:


Master Classes will be held on the last Saturday of every month.


The sessions will last 2 hours from 3 - 5pm.

Visiting New York?

If you are planning a trip to New York, then come and join Hayley for a Master Class session. Book your place in advance to secure your spot.

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