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Mari Doyle

Glasgow, Scotland

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  July 2012

My background is in rehabilitation and I have worked as a physio in my home country Finland before moving to the UK some 15 years ago. In the UK I have worked as technical instructor advising on moving and handling and have studied ergonomics.
I have been a keen practitioner of yoga for over ten years and have been teaching since 2008. All my life I have been into sports and played basketball for 13 years. I take keen interest in healthy diet and lifestyle.


My students consist mostly of everyday gym goers, but during my YSS studies and after I have been working with several athletes such as runners, martial artists, weight lifters and footballers, who have found yoga to be a beneficial addition to their sport and who are now integrating some techniques into their training. I encourage athletes of all levels to try yoga as part of their training regime to explore the numerous benefits this practice can offer.



YSS Case Study Research:  Running

The Aim: to explore whether a sports specific yoga programme would help reduce performance nerves, increase breath awareness and focus of a runner.

Athlete Profile: 23-Year old cross country and a track runner.

Conclusion: By providing the athlete with a Sport-Specific Yoga programme, with the main emphasis on breath awareness, the athlete was able to relax, concentrate for longer periods of time and focus during her run.

I chose to work with a runner so that I could build a solid platform for my career as a Yoga Sports Coach as running is incorporated to so many other sports.



I teach and practice ashtanga yoga, which is a very dynamic type of yoga building a considerable strength and flexibility.



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