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The Institute of Yoga Sports Science 


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Yoga for Soccer 

August 2nd

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August 9th

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August 15th

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August 6th

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August 10th

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August 16th

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August 8th

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August 13th

Yoga for Paralympics

September 5th

About Us

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is the global leader in providing a world class sports-specific yoga education to yoga, healthcare and fitness professionals. It is the missing link in yoga and sports training. Through the application of science, we bridge the gap between yoga and sport, enabling yoga enthusiasts and athletes of all ages and abilities to benefit from our tried and tested methods.


Our evidenced based, sports-specific yoga approach of teaching yoga to athletes, provides our students with a unique opportunity to turn a passion for yoga and sport, into a professional career as a Yoga Sports Coach™.


Each student that has trained with us and completed their certification as a Yoga Sports Coach™, has contributed to our growing database of evidence, demonstrating how and why yoga works to prevent injury and improve athletic performance.


Our mission is simple: we train yoga professionals to deliver sports-specific yoga to athletes, tailored to the demands of their sport and integrated into their training in an easy, sustainable and enjoyable way.  


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® has its campus in New York.

"Athletes need yoga in their training. As an Olympian I know how much yoga could have helped me, sadly I was only introduced to it as I retired from competing at the highest level. As more athletes use yoga,
more yoga professionals will be needed to support them.
If you are looking for a world class yoga education in how to teach yoga to athletes, then you will find it here with Hayley Winter and the team at the Institute of Yoga Sports Science."

Unsure about training with us? Take a minute and watch this.

"My experience of studying on the Yoga Sports Coaching course is 100% positive! I am totally amazed by the amount of practical and in-depth knowledge. I am learning so much about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and the sports specific demands that athletes have to go through to perform. We learn so many incredible and practical ways that yoga can be applied to athletes in their training.  
The course is a combination of science and practice so that as students we get both a holistic and
scientific approach to applying sports-specific yoga to athletes.
Yoga has been an integral part of my life since I was 5 years old. I knew that yoga worked, I just didn't know
how to prove it. Well, now I do thanks to Hayley and her team of tutors!  This course is something I had been looking for and the decision to enroll has been the best possible one for me!"
Get the New Training 
Offer Before the End
of August.
Get the New Training 
Offer Before the End
of August.
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Want to learn how to deliver sports-specific yoga to athletes?

Apply today and join our

YSS 100 and YSS 200 Hour Courses. 

Start September 24th!

"Empower yourself through the science of yoga".

Hayley Winter, Founder of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science®

"The Institute of Yoga Sports Science is a revolution in yoga teacher training and sports performance techniques. From my background as an elite gymnast and then later in life as a Yoga teacher, the blending of the two sciences of yoga and sport has been a natural evolution for me.
This highly effective yoga training for athletic development ensures that athletes stand a better chance of staying injury free and access to modern yoga tools to help them prepare both mind and body. 
Using authentic Hatha yoga practices to benefit our 21st-century sporting warriors, training with Hayley Winter and her team at the Institute of Yoga Sports Science is incredibly brilliant, simple and an excellent opportunity to learn a  highly effective yoga methodology for sport."


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is based at Eastern Athletic Club, 43 Clark Street, 

Brooklyn Heights, New York, 11201, USA  E: info@yogasportscience.com


© The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® 2020
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